The Guinness World Record for longest tongue on a living dog has a new title holder: Zoey the Labrador and German Shepherd mix, whose slobbery appendage measures a whopping 5 inches. For reference, the standard U.S. soda can is 4.83 inches long.

Zoey posing with her certificate

Guinness World Records

The record-breaking pup from Metairie, Louisiana, has always had a larger-than-life licker, her owners noted.

“We got Zoey when she was only six weeks old, and in the first ever picture we have of her, she has her tongue sticking out,” said Sadie Williams, one of Zoey’s two owners.

Zoey catching a tennis ball

Guinness World Records

“It would be slobbering all over the place,” said Drew Williams, her other owner.

According to Guinness World Records, some of Zoey’s favorite pastimes include exploring the outdoors, playing fetch, riding in the car, swimming, and chasing squirrels.

“She will pretty much go fetch anything you throw and swim in any body of water that’s available,” Drew said, adding that, just like any other dog, Zoey still “hates getting a bath.”