Young fan's act of brotherly love warms hearts at Phillies game

A young Phillies fan’s act of brotherly love that warmed hearts on Wednesday night. When Dodgers infielder David Freese hit a foul ball into the stands, several children started running to get the baseball. The boy that got there first did something most baseball fans wouldn’t – he turned around and gave the ball to the boy behind him.

The boys then hugged it out — a touching moment that made the announcers stop and go “aw.”

“I think we can go home now,” commentator and former Phillies star John Kruk said.

“We’ve seen everything,” announcer Tom McCarthy replied.

Later in the game, an MLB commentator interviewed the boys. Jaden got the ball, but Franky now owns it thanks to his generosity.

The boys were strangers before it happened – but after that, they sat with each other and watched the game. “I gave him the ball then five minutes later I asked him his name and then we just met each other,” Jaden said.

When asked if the boys knew they were trending on Twitter, Franky replied: “I know what it is. I have Instagram.”

Despite giving up the ball, Jaden didn’t go home empty handed. For his selfless deed, the Phillies gave him two baseballs and an MLB commentator gave him another. Now, if anyone asks how he got them, he’ll have an even better story than “I caught it at the game.”