Year-Long Narcotics Investigation Leads to Arrest in Bay County

Police say a man who was manufacturing and assembling firearms at his home in Bay County has been arrested.

According to Michigan State Police, two search warrants were executed at the residence of 45-year-old Jessie Alan Bennett over the course of a year-long investigation, leading to the seizure of 23 firearms including handguns, shotguns, and rifles, as well as over 300 grams of fentanyl and more than 150 grams of crystal meth.

Investigators say that one of the guns had been reported stolen, and that a large amount of fentanyl was discovered in a child’s bedroom.

After the second search was conducted last Wednesday, Bennett was arraigned on charges of Delivery/Manufacture of Methamphetamine, Delivery/Manufacture (cocaine, heroin, or other narcotics), Felony Firearm, and Weapons: Firearm – short-barreled rifle.