WSGW OnLine Poll:   Wearing Masks in Public  (results)

(May 27 – June 3)

Wearing Masks in Public

Around the world, masks or face coverings are being worn to protect against coronavirus.   Some are worn voluntarily and some are worn based on national, state, or local laws and regulations.   Others don’t agree with wearing a maks, but do so by requirement or courtesy.

In Michigan, an Executive Order from Governor Whitmer requires your nose and mouth to be covered when you are in public enclosed spaces.

Fines will not be issued to those not wearing masks, but businesses can refuse service to people not adhering to the face-covering restrictions.

POLL QUESTION:   What is your mask wearing story when you are out in public?
I always wear a mask no matter what –  13%
I don’t agree with wearing a mask, but I do because it’s required or as a courtesy to others –  31%
I never wear a mask –  54%
I do not go out in public so wearing a mask is not an issue –  2%