WSGW OnLine Poll: Vote for Governor

Election Day is November 6. Michigan’s highest office will be contested.   As the picture suggests, you may think there is just a Republican and a Democrat on the ballot.   On your official ballot, you will find six candidates for governor.


Which candidate will you vote for next governor of Michigan?

  • Republican Bill Schuette (83%)
  • Democrat Gretchen Whitmer (14%)
  • Libertarian Bill Gelineau (1%)
  • U.S. Taxpayers Todd Schleiger (1%)
  • Green Jennifer Kurland (0%)
  • Natural Law Keith Butkovich (0%)
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Charlie and Dave and Pat talk about the poll (runs 5:42)…..

PREVIOUS POLL QUESTION: How will you vote on Proposal 18-3, basically to approve or deny allowing automatic voter registration, absentee voting without reason, straight party votes in partisan elections?
Yes to approve – 38%
No to deny – 54%
I’m Still Not Sure – 8%



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