(June 5 – June 12)


The vaccination debate is back in the news, especially with cases of measles hitting the highest level since 1992.

State health officials report the percentage of unvaccinated Michigan school children has increased for a third straight year, although the current 3.8% rate is lower than it was in 2014.

Michigan requires schoolchildren to undergo immunization against 14 contagious diseases. However, Michigan is one of 19 states that allows parents to opt-out over philosophical objections.

Recent data shows that 1,000 K-12 schools and 800 day care facilities have vaccination waiver rates over 5%. AND nearly 400 public and private K-12 schools had 10% waiver rates in 2017.

Bay City Democratic State Representative Brian Elder has introduced a bill requiring any school with 5% waiver rates or higher to post public notices in front of the schools and on their website.
Names of students without immunizations would not be posted.

Poll question: Would you support State Representative Elder’s plan requiring schools to post public notices if 5% of its student have not been vaccinated?
Yes – 68%
No -32%
I’m not sure – 0%