WSGW OnLine Poll: Uniform Elections


We’ve gone through another election cycle and because of various voting discrepancies and recounts and questions about ballots, there is focus on the election process.

Across the country, there are various methods for tabulating votes, such as paper or Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) systems. Some of the DRE systems can include a paper trail, others do not.

No state administers elections in exactly the same way as another state, and there is variation in election administration even within states.

Some suggest there should be a uniform election process at least for federal elections so all national offices are equal in terms of voting procedures.  Critics say most states are doing well on their own and if there are any problems, just fix those individual states.


Should federal elections be held using a uniform process?

  • Yes (79%)
  • No (14%)
  • I'm Not Sure (7%)
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Charlie and Dave and Pat talk about the poll  (runs 5:07)…..


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