WSGW OnLine Poll:   Toll Roads in Michigan  (results)

(February 19 – 26)

A few weeks ago, the Michigan Senate approved a bill requiring the Michigan Department of Transportation to hire an outside consultant to study the feasibility of toll roads. This bill still has to go to the House and signed by Governor Whitmer.

– The study would be required to include among the following:
– Overall economic impact
– Providing discounts/credits for local and in-state commuters
– Out-of-state driver expectations
– How state could monetize construction/operation of toll roads
– Which highways would be best

Of course, Governor Whitmer has advanced a road funding plan with her bond proposal outlined in her State of the State Address.

POLL QUESTION: Should Michigan hire and pay an outside consultant to study the feasibility of toll roads?
Yes, though I have no opinion now, I need to know more from a study before saying yes or no –  8%
Yes, even though I already believe in toll roads, I hope a study adds further support –  6%
No, even though I want toll roads, do not waste the time and money on a study, just do it –  8%
No, I don’t support toll roads, so don’t bother with a study –  78%