WSGW OnLine Poll:   The Presidency of Joe Biden Begins  (results)

(January 20 – 27)

The United States is now led by President Biden and Vice President Harris.

Experts and analysts are wondering and predicting what the political landscape will be like as the Biden Administration advances an agenda and makes decisions.

As much as a president has to deal with the opposition party, there are times a president has to deal with factions in their own party.

POLL QUESTION: What is your expectation of the Presidency of Joe Biden?
There will be disagreements, of course, but we will experience more bipartisan and pleasant politics –  44%
Democrats and Republicans will battle as always, in debate and divisiveness, and we will experience argumentative and accusatory politics –  40%
President Biden will experience more problems within his own party –  15%
I Don’t Know –  1%