WSGW OnLine Poll:   The Next Michigan Governor  (results)

(November 2 – 8 at 9pm)

WSGW OnLine Poll: The Next Michigan Governor

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8.

Michigan voters will face local candidates and proposals, plus statewide candidates and proposals.

At the top of your ballot is the vote for the next Michigan governor. You will find six candidates, plus their running mates listed.

For our poll purposes, we list the candidate for governor only. And, our poll will end at 9pm on Election Night, the official time all polls close in Michigan, as we remember our friends in countie that border Wisconsin in the western end of the Upper Peninsula.

POLL QUESTION: Who will You vote for Michigan Governor?
Gretchen Whitmer (Democratic) –  16%
Tudor Dixon (Republican) –  83%
Mary Buzuma (Libertarian) –  1%
Donna Brandenburg (U.S. Taxpayers) –  0%
Kevin Hogan (Green) –  0%
Daryl M. Simpson (Natural Law) –  0%