WSGW OnLine Poll:   The Fair Tax Act of 2023  (results)

(February 15 – 22)

WSGW OnLine Poll: The Fair Tax Act of 2023

A faction of House Republicans have introduced a decades old idea with the “FairTax Act of 2023”. This bill outlines a 23% use tax, though some analysts believe it would be closer to 30%. If enacted, it would replace both payroll and income taxes. Supporters say the Internal Revenue Service could be eliminated as the bill would cut off IRS funding in the future.

The bill does not have broad GOP backing and President Biden has already said even if it defied odds and reached his desk he would never sign it.

Former Michigan Republican Congressman Dave Camp held a “fair tax” hearing years ago, but it never produced results.

POLL QUESTION: Would You vote Yes or No on this “FairTax 2023” bill?
Yes – 40%
No on this bill, but I support the overall idea of a use tax – 14%
No on this bill, and I do not support any idea involving a use tax – 29%
I’m not sure – 17%