WSGW OnLine Poll:   Supreme Court Term Limits  (results)

(August 3 – 10)

Democrats have introduced bills to enact term limits for Supreme Court Justices. Every president would nominate a justice every two years, in their first and third terms. Current justices would move to “senior status” to allow each new justice to be seated.

A recent poll from The Associated Press-NORC found 82% of Democrats and 57% of Republicans support some type of term limits.

If the number of justices dropped below nine due to a resignation, death, or other vacancy, then the most recent justice moved off the court would return to serve in the interim.

POLL QUESTION: What do you think about term limits for United States Supreme Court Justices?
I disagree with any term limit plan –
I agree with this Democratic plan –
I agree with term limits, but not this particular plan –
I would agree to Supreme Court term limits if congress agreed to term limits, too –
I’m Not Sure –