WSGW OnLine Poll:   Student Loan Forgiveness  (results)

(March 1 – 8)

The Supreme Court will rule on President Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan which would cancel up to $20,000 debt for millions of qualified Americans for an estimated $400 billion dollars.

There are two cases. The primary case says the plan exceeds the legal authority of the president by spending money not authorized by Congress. The other case believes the administration unfairly excluded some in the plan.

If the court rules in favor of either case, the loan forgiveness plan would effectively end. If the court dismisses the cases, loan forgiveness could continue.

A ruling is not expected until June.

POLL QUESTION: If you were a Supreme Court Justice, would you rule to end or continue student loan forgiveness?
I would rule to end student loan forgiveness – 96%
I would rule to continue student loan forgiveness – 4%