WSGW OnLine Poll:   Statewide Ballot Proposal 1  (results)

(October 12 – 19)

WSGW OnLine Poll: Statewide Ballot Proposal 1

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8.

Michigan voters will face local candidates and proposals, plus statewide candidates and proposals.

Statewide Proposal 1 would basically require statewide office holders to file an annual financial disclosure and replace current term limits for state representative and senators with a 12-year total in any combination between house and senate.

The proposal will read: A Proposal to Amend the State Constitution to Require Annual Public Financial Disclosure Reports By Legislators And Other State Officers and Change State Legislator Term Limit To 12 Total Years in Legislature.

POLL QUESTION: Should Proposal 1 be adopted?
Yes – 47%
No – 53%