WSGW OnLine Poll:   Social Media Ban for Children Under 13  (results)

WSGW OnLine Poll for YOU:   Social Media Ban for Children Under 13

There is a bipartisan effort in Washington to ban children under 13 from using social media and require parental consent for kids aged 13-17.

Lawmakers say it’s an extension of parental consent that is already necessary for minors to learn to drive, to open bank accounts, to get a piercing or a tattoo, and to see certain movies.

At least two states, Arkansas and Utah, have enacted laws requiring anyone under 18 to get parental consent to join social media.

Some believe this legislation could infringe on First Amendment rights and be difficult to enforce. Others say social media is an important tool for families and friends to communicate, even under the age of 13.

WSGW Poll Question for YOU:   Do You want Children under 13 Banned from Social Media and Parental Consent Required for Kids Aged 13-17?
Yes –  90%
No –  7%
I’m Not Sure –  3%