(May 8 – 15, 2024)

Several cities across the country have banned right turns on red lights to combat rising pedestrian deaths. Some safety advocates say though the rise in pedestrian deaths can be attributed to several causes, banning right turns on red is the best solution.

“Right-on-red bans” are in effect in New York and Washington, D.C., and are being considered in
Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver, and more.

In Michigan, Ann Arbor bans right turns on red in the downtown area.

Some who disagree say bans won’t necessarily make streets safer and the disruption of traffic flow could ultimately cause more problems.

WSGW OnLine Poll Question for YOU: Do You think right turns on red lights should continue or be banned?
Yes, ban right turns on red –  8%
No, continue to allow right turns on red –  92%
I’m Not Sure –  0%