WSGW OnLine Poll:   Red Flag Gun Laws  (results)

(June 8 – June 15)


In the aftermath of several recent multiple shootings at schools and other locations, President Biden is urging Congress to “finally do something” about gun control, including passing Red Flag Laws.

Though Democrats and Republicans are divided on what to do, Red Flag Laws seem to be one item being discussed by both sides. Red Flag Laws allow courts to remove firearms from people deemed a danger to themselves or others.

Many Democrats support Red Flag Laws but also want additional controls attached. Several Republican lawmakers, certainly not all, appear open to Red Flag Laws, with no attachments. The Republican led state of Florida did pass a Red Flag law four years ago.

POLL QUESTION:   What do you say about Red Flag Laws related to gun discussions?
I think we need Federal Red Flag Laws – 57%
I would support each individual state deciding on Red Flag Laws – 11%
I do not support any Red Flag Laws – 31%
I’m Not Sure – 1%