(December 4 – 11)

A package of internet gaming bills that passed the Michigan House at the end of October is now in a Senate committee. The bills include online gambling games, plus sports betting which would be brand new to the state.

Supporters say it’s the next evolution of gaming and there are estimates between $80 million and $100 million could be generated in new tax revenue.

Among the concerns of opponents is the potential loss of revenue for the school aid fund if less money is spent on the current Michigan Lottery. At this time, the lottery does have an online presence.

This issue has been advanced previously, and Michigan nearly became the fifth state to legalize online gambling before outgoing Governor Snyder vetoed a bill passed by the state legislature.

PREVIOUS QUESTION:   Do you support or oppose Michigan offering online gambling and sports betting?
I support –  24%
I oppose –  71%
I’m Not Sure –  5%