May 15 – 22, 2019

Both the GOP led State House and Senate, along with a few Democrats, have passed auto insurance reform bills.

Some measures of reform are in each separate bill, some are in both, and include:   ending Michigan’s unlimited medical benefits mandate or at least offering options;  prohibiting insurers from refusing or limiting coverage based on where a person lives;  expand a prohibition on gender discrimination; creating a fee schedule for health providers who could only charge insurers at rates required under worker’s compensation.

The Senate must decide whether to pass the House bill as presented or alter it and send it back for approval.   Governor Whitmer has indicated she plans to veto either bill as they stand now.

POLL QUESTION:   Based on what you know about the legislative insurance reform bills, should Governor Whitmer sign into law what’s available now, or wait and negotiate more?
Sign what’s available now – 75%
Wait and negotiate more – 22%
I’m Not Sure – 3%