WSGW OnLine Poll: Marijuana and Impaired Driving

Michigan’s “Impaired Driving Safety Commission” has recommended state lawmakers should not set a numerical limit for drivers blood testing for THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. Instead, the committee says roadside sobriety tests should be used to determine driver impairment.

There would have to be a change to Michigan’s current law which right now states drivers can have no THC in their blood.

The commission said several studies showed no scientifically supported thresholds for THC that correlates to impaired driving. If anything, studies found people impaired by cannabis drive slower, leave more space between cars, and take fewer risks than when driving sober.

Six other states have established limits for THC impairment.


What do you think should be the law in Michigan related to marijuana and THC and driving under impairment?

  • Keep the current law, no THC allowed (54%)
  • Change the law to no numerical limits and depend on roadside sobriety tests to determine impairments (39%)
  • I'm Not Sure (7%)
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Charlie and Dave and Pat talk about the poll  (runs 7:22)…..


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