(May 29 – June 5)

As this school year is coming to a close, the start of future school years is being talked about in Lansing (again).   Who knew two bills have been introduced regarding starting school before or after Labor Day?

It’s an ongoing debate on whether or not school districts individually should be able to choose when to start a school year and not mandated by state law to start after Labor Day, according to legislation passed in 2006.   Schools can apply for waivers to start before Labor Day as 178 have so far with 28 more pending.

Some schools say they want local control to help align calendars for dual enrolled students, and for students playing fall sports or in programs such as band, many are already at the school before Labor Day anyway.   Others say Michigan’s tourism needs an after Labor Day start, plus some students have summer jobs through Labor Day.

Michigan is one of three states to mandate an after Labor Day start. (choose answer below)

How should the start of the school year be determined in Michigan?
Allow each district to decide on their own – 60%
Keep the current mandate to start after Labor Day – 37%
I’m Not Sure – 3%