WSGW OnLine Poll:   Jobless Benefits  (results)

(July 29 – August 5)

Republicans and Democrats are negotiating another Covid-19 stimulus package. One aspect of the discussions involves weekly jobless benefits.

Democrats want more $600 weekly jobless benefits, calling it a lifeline for out-of-work Americans. Republicans want to change weekly jobless benefits to $200 a week, saying the higher amount is discouraging employees from returning to work.

The Republicans specific proposal would make $200 a week payments for two months through September and then phase out to a new system that ensures no more than 70% of an employee’s previous pay. States could request an additional two months, if needed, to make the transition.

POLL QUESTION: For unemployment benefits, what plan do you think is more appropriate?
Democrats $600 weekly benefits continuing –  54%
Republicans $200 a week benefit, then phasing to no more than 70% of previous pay –  45%
I’m Not Sure –  1%