(February 8 -15)

WSGW OnLine Poll: Governor Whitmer’s “Lowing MI Costs” Plan

Governor Whitmer has announced a three part proposal related to Michigan’s potential record $9.2 billion dollar budget surplus expected this fall.

An overview of the plan includes: Delivering $180 checks to every tax filer; expanding the state’s match of the federal Earned Income Tax Credit which could provide $3000 to about 700,000 families; phasing out the retirement tax to ultimately put an average of $1,000 back to 500,000 households.

One concern from Republicans is whether or not this plan might prevent the possibility of an automatic decrease in the state income tax.

POLL QUESTION: Are you for or against the Governor’s three part plan?
I’m for it – 12%
I’m against it – 74%
I’m Not Sure – 14%