WSGW OnLine Poll: Governor Whitmer’s 45 Cent Gas Tax Increase

At the gas station.

Governor Whitmer has released her proposed 2020 budget. Most of the focus concerns raising funds to fix roads and increased spending on education.

At this time, the road funding seems to be getting the most attention as it involves a 45 cent increase in the gas tax introduced in three separate 15 cent increases starting this October and then next April and next October.

If implemented, Michigan would have a 71.3 cent state gas tax, the highest in the nation.

The plan would raise a projected $2.5 billion in new revenue to be deposited in a new Fixing Michigan Roads Fund and allocated to our most highly travelled and commercially important roads at both the state and local level.

To partially offset this increase for low- and middle-income workers, Governor Whitmer proposes a doubling of the Earned Income Tax Credit.


Should Governor Whitmer's proposed 45 cent gas tax increase be passed by the legislature or not?

  • No (97%)
  • Yes (3%)
  • I'm Not Sure (0%)
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Charlie and Pat talk about the poll (runs 6:57)…..


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