WSGW OnLine Poll for YOU:     Cash Mandates  (results)

(June 21 – 28, 2023)

WSGW OnLine Poll for YOU: Cash Mandates

Detroit just became the latest large city, along with some states, mandating businesses must accept cash as a form of payment.

More and more businesses, entertainment venues, and sports structures are becoming cashless. Reasons include convenience, less operating expenses, and security. Those who prefer cash cite not wanting to use cards, concerns about security, and extra fees.

Cash mandates generally require cash to be accepted or at least a kiosk available to exchange cash for a card to use at a specific location.

The states of Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Rhode Island have banned businesses from going entirely cashless.

POLL QUESTION:   What is your view about cash mandates?
There should be a federal law requiring cash mandates –  73%
States or cities should decide on their own about requiring cash mandates –  15%
I don’t think there should be any cash mandates –  12%
I’m Not Sure –  0%