WSGW OnLine Poll for YOU:     Banning Handheld Phones while Driving  (results)

(April 26 – May 3)

Advocates are pushing for lawmakers to advance legislation to ban handheld phone use while driving. If passed, you would be prohibited from holding or using an electronic mobile device while operating a motor vehicle. This would not apply to hands-free devices.

Right now in Michigan, using a phone while driving is banned for teens on a driver’s permit, truck drivers, and school bus drivers, except if using a voice-operated system that’s integrated into the vehicle. No driver is allowed to engage in any form of texting.

Twenty-four states prohibit all drivers from using hand-held cell phones while driving.

WSGW Poll Question for YOU: Should Michigan ban handheld phone use for all drivers?
Yes –  22%
No –  76%
I’m Not Sure –  2%