(September 18 – 25)

Last month, Michigan Republican Senator Pete Lucido introduced a Senate bill to allow Michigan residents to use electronic identification. Instead of a drivers license or other ID card, all identification would be available using a QR code. This electronic ID could be used with state government services, banking, by police during a traffic stop, or even at your local bar.

The Senator said he doesn’t believe identify theft would be a problem with the new electronic system because it’s always been just as easy for hackers to reach paper files in the same way.

You would use an electronic ID by choice. It would not be mandatory.

The bill was referred to the Senate Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. It would have to pass through the Senate, the House, and be signed by Governor Whitmer to become law.

If the bill were to pass, Michigan would be the first state to allow this kind of technology.


POLL RESULTS:   Would you be comfortable using an electronic ID with all your personal information accessible through a QR code?
Yes –  4%
No –  88%
I’m Not Sure –  8%