WSGW OnLine Poll:   Coronavirus – Opening the Economy  (results)

(April 22 – 29)

President Trump and numerous governers, including Governor Whitmer, are talking about opening the economy again. Most plans involve opening the economy in phases or tiers or at least slowly, not all at once.

Most plans indicate there would still be various limits and restrictions maintained, along with other recommendations for some persons to still utilize masks and gloves and other possible prevention materials.

The unanswered question being asked is are people are ready to venture out? Will people pour out of homes in droves or will it be a tentative step by step?

POLL QUESTION: However the economy starts to open again, how will you emerge from your home to visit businesses and available places?
I will venture out on the first day, or at least within the first week –  91%
I will wait a couple of weeks, maybe a month –  4%
I will not leave my home until a proven treatment is readily available –  1%
I do not believe it’s time to open things up again –  2%
I really don’t know what I will do –  2%