WSGW OnLine Poll:     Cash or Card  (results)

(May 17 – 24)

WSGW OnLine Poll for YOU: Cash or Card

The number of Americans using cash to complete transactions continues to wane. More and more businesses, entertainment venues, and sports arenas are cashless. People are finding cards more convenient and in many cases, using them nets rewards.

However, a recent survey shows an unexpected increase in the use of cash related to Generation Z, adults in the 18-26 range. Gen Zers say cash forces them to be more thoughtful about spending and it’s a great budgeting tool especially if you tend to overspend when swiping a card.

WSGW Poll Question for YOU: Do You use Cash or Card for transactions?
I use cash more than a card –  33%
I use a card more than cash –  41%
I use them both about the same –  26%