WSGW OnLine Poll:   Biden and Trump After the Debate (results)

(July 3 – 10)

While President Biden’s debate performance is receiving most of the attention, both parties have questions to ponder prior to election day, which is still four long months away.

Some questions being asked include, do Democrats need President Biden to step down? Can he win another election against any candidate? Do Republicans want President Biden to step down? Could former President Trump win against a potentially more formidable candidate?

WSGW OnLine Poll Question for YOU: What best describes your thoughts whether you support Biden or Trump?
Biden should stay in the race because he will win – 6%
Biden should step down because he cannot win – 6%
Trump needs Biden to stay in race because he’s the only candidate he can beat – 41%
Trump will win against any candidate – 41%
I don’t care because I don’t support either one – 6%