WSGW OnLine Poll:   Answering Your Phone  (results)

(August 12 – 19)

Even before this pandemic world we are living in, people have been using technology to screen calls on both home phones and smart phones.

Now, with many people needing to use phones even more for business as well as personal use, the ability to screen calls has led to some concern.

Health departments are encouraging people to answer phones no matter what because you might be receiving a call regarding a coronavirus contact you may have experienced.

Surveys suggest a growing number of people are wary of answering any call without a recognizable name or phone number.

POLL QUESTION: How do you answer your phone?
I always answer my phone, no matter what –  41%
I answer my phone only if I recognize the name or phone number of the caller –  49%
Sometimes I answer all calls and other times only recognized calls –  10%