WSGW OnLine Poll: Allowing Police & Firefighters To Create Labor Unions

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Michigan Democratic Congressman Dan Killdee of Flint and Pennsylvania Republican Brian Fitzpatrick introduced a bill that allows all state and city firefighters, police and EMS personnel to exercise their labor rights.

Right now, 20 states don’t give safety employees the power to collectively bargain.

Seven of those 20 states prevent them from even forming a union.

This bill, called The Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act, grants safety workers the right to not only form a union, but also the right to collectively bargain for wages. It provides a federal baseline of support for safety workers to form a union, and if passed, states would have two years to comply.

The bill has the support of the National Association of Police Organizations and the International Association of Fire Fighters

Do you support a bipartisan bill that gives all state and city public safety workers federal protections to exercise their labor rights?

  • No (56%)
  • Yes (38%)
  • Not Sure (5%)
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