WSGW OnLine Poll:   A New Political Party  (results)

(August 17 – 24)

Perhaps you’ve heard that a group of former Democratic and Republican party members plan to form a new political party called Forward.

It will initially be co-led by former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang and Christine Todd Whitman, the former Republican governor of New Jersey.

The Forward Party will aim to appeal to millions of voters they say are dismayed with what they see as America’s dysfunctional two-party system. The party describes itself as centrist, stating “How will we solve the big issues facing America? Not Left. Not Right. Forward.”

POLL QUESTION: What is your early reaction to the formation of this new political party?
I identify as a Republican, but I might support Forward – 19%
I identify as a Democrat, but I might support Forward – 5%
I don’t identify with either Republicans or Democrats, but I might support Forward – 21%
I don’t think I will support Forward – 45%
I Don’t Care – 10%