WSGW OnLine Poll: 2019 will be…..

A beautiful galaxy floating inside a glass ball.Public Domain Galaxy image courtesy of NASA Hubble Gallery:

As 2018 ends and 2019 begins, it’s time for our Personal Perspective Poll as you look into your “crystal ball”.

Depending on your specific circumstances regarding your personal life, or your profession, or your family, or your finances, or your health, or whatever, how will the new year be for you compared to the old?



I believe 2019 will be... ?

  • Better than 2018 (55%)
  • About the same as 2018 (25%)
  • Worse than 2018 (20%)
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PREVIOUS QUESTION: Should new fireworks legislation be passed to reduce the current days for fireworks use and add some local control?
Yes – 32%
No – 42%
I’m Not Sure – 0%
No, because I want the entire law repealed, not just reduced – 26%



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