WSGW OnLine and App Poll: What to do with Justin Verlander

We are halfway through the baseball season. The All-Star game is about to be played. Our Tigers have been disappointing so far. The worst record at 81 games since 2003. That season we lost 119 games!

There is talk about the Tigers trying to make some trades to reduce payroll, get younger players, and start to reload for next season (and future seasons).

One of the players mentioned is lifelong Tiger, 34-year-old, Justin Verlander. He’s pitched some good games and some poor games this season. Several baseball analysts believe he could help a contending team looking for a veteran arm.

Some Tigers fans understand trading JV might be necessary. Others think he’s still valuable and want him to stay with the Tigers for his entire career.

POLL QUESTION: What should the Tigers do with Justin Verlander?
– Keep him for his pitching value and because fans want a career Tiger
– Trade him to get some younger players and/or draft picks
– I Don’t Know

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POLL QUESTION: What do you think about laws enacted in 2012 allowing for more personal use of fireworks in Michigan?
I like the laws and would not change anything – 33%
I want the laws repealed – 30%
I would support allowing local communities governing the use of fireworks – 37%



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