WSGW OnLine and App Poll: Free Speech on a College Campus

Free speech on a college campus continues to make news, especially efforts preventing  conservative activists from speaking.

Earlier this year, Berkley cancelled former Breitbart news editor Milo Yiannopolous from speaking after protests turned violent.   Last month, Berkeley cancelled conservative Ann Coulter because of safety concerns.

A recent non-violent protest at Notre Dame against Vice President Pence had students walking out when he began to speak at commencement.

In Michigan, Republican state senator Patrick Colbeck of Canton has proposed a one year suspension or expulsion of students who infringe on the free-speech rights of others.   Similar legislation has been introduced in Wisconsin, Colorado, and California.

Supporters of government intervention argue that ALL speech must be protected on campuses. Opponents counter that free speech is already guaranteed in state and federal law, and universities are best equipped to discipline their students.

POLL QUESTION:   Should government penalize colleges or students for perceived free speech violations?
–  Yes
–  No
–  I Don’t Know

Click here to vote.    You can also vote by Tapping the App (download from App Store and Google Play).

POLL QUESTIONS:   Based on what you know about President Trump possibly sharing classified information with Russia, I say…?
– There is no story, President Trump can say what he wants, 75%
– President Trump was wrong to share any information with Russia, 11%
– Right now, there is no story, but I think more investigations are necessary, 14%



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