WSGW OnLine and App Poll: Conservative/Liberal/Both


The Pew Research Center did a study to gauge the conservative and liberal viewpoints in America.

The survey indicates more people more people on both sides are more partisan than ever, with just 32% of Americans holding a mix of conservative/liberal views. Just over ten years ago in 2004, 49% had a mix of views.

The Pew Research Center shows the shift from the mix of viewpoints to more partisanship is more pronounced among politically engaged Americans.

CURRENT QUESTION: How would you describe your viewpoints of America?
– I am more conservative
– I am more liberal
– I am a conservative/liberal mix
– I try not to identify conservative or liberal or both
– I’m Not Sure

Click to Vote.   When you vote, you’ll see totals from the previous poll about President Trump and Executive Orders. You can also vote by Tapping the App (download from App Store and Google Play).

PREVIOUS QUESTION: How do you view President Trump using an Executive Order regarding health care?
I agree with what President Trump did – 75%
I agree with the health care change, but I disagree with using an Executive Order – 19%
I disagree with what President Trump did – 6%
I disagree with the health care change, but I know other presidents used Executive Orders – 0%



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