WSGW OnLine and App Poll: $1000 Smartphone


The iPhone X is now available.

It’s touted as having revolutionary new features such as edge-to-edge OLED display, wireless charging, the ability to make animated emojis based on your expressions, and facial recognition security.

The starting price is a smartphone first at around $1000.

Some say they can’t imagine paying that much for a smartphone.   Some say for $50 a month, in less than two years, you’ll own it.

POLL QUESTION:   Would you pay $1000 for an iPhone (or any smartphone)?
– Yes
– No
– I’m Not Sure

Click to Vote.   When you vote, you’ll see totals from the previous poll about your Conservative/Liberal viewpoints of America.   You can also vote by Tapping the App (download from App Store and Google Play).

PREVIOUS QUESTION:   How would you describe your viewpoints of America?
I am more conservative – 78%   (app – 73%)
I  am more liberal – 5%   (app – 2%)
I am a conservative/liberal mix – 5%   (13%)
I try not to identify conservative or liberal or both – 12%   (app 12%)
I’m Not Sure – 0%   (app – 0%)



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