WSGW Morning Team Show: Thursday, July 20, 2017

Highlights from the show with Charlie Rood and Dave Maurer…..

It’s another WSGW WinVitational Golf Outing “Closest to the Pin” Contest Morning.   Join Art, Ernie, Ric, and Pat at The Sawmill on M-47 (Midland Road) from 6:30-9am.   You get three swings at the pin.  At the end of the Morning Team Show, the two golfers closest to the pin, win an invitation to our golf outing (with a guest each) to Treetops Resort on Wednesday, August 16.   The two winners will be posted here after 10am.

New RocketGrab Launch today:  Best Choice Pizza of Kawkawlin…  get a $25.00 Gift Certificate for only $10.00, but only on RocketGrab!

(Charlie Rood Comment)   Apparently, the big news of the day is the O.J. Simpson parole hearing.   We are told major TV networks will air at least part of the proceedings, including:   ABC, NBC, CNN, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, HLN, and ESPN.   CBS plans online coverage.   Really?   Am I the only one that doesn’t care if O.J. is paroled or not?   Whatever happens, will happen.   I suppose I have some interest because it is a news story and has a history.   However, live TV coverage?   Give me a break…..   Let me know what you think:

Battling Bureaucracy:   Toronto Man Builds a Staircase in a Park for $550 after City Estimates a cost of $65,000 – and City is Upset with the Man!    (Charlie Rood Comment)  The mayor acknowledges the city estimate sounds “completely out of whack with reality”.   You got that right!  The mayor also said “I think everyone will understand that it will be more than $550.   We just can’t have people decide to go out to Home Depot and build a staircase in a park because that’s what they would like to have”.   Actually, I bet many people would absolutely think Home Depot was a better solution!   Certainly more affordable!

(Charlie Rood Comment – with lots of sarcasm)  Why hasn’t this been getting non-stop attention?   Rosie O’Donnell has been promoting an online game that has players lead President Trump off a cliff… to his presumed death.   Why hasn’t Rosie been castigated for inciting violence against the President?  Remember when President Trump tweeted that wrestling video of him taking down CNN?  You would have thought he started World War III.   He was not being presidential.   He would be responsible for any future violence against journalists.   Well, the Secret Service better be prepared the next time President Trump is anywhere near a cliff because someone is going to push him off thanks to Rosie O’Donnell.   You know, I might support Rosie if she were to follow Trump over the cliff.   Okay, okay, okay.   Do I think this online game Rosie is promoting is dangerous?   No.   I’m guessing it’s her way to show how she believes President Cliff is taking us over a cliff.   It’s harmless.   Just as the President Trump video was harmless.   It was funny.   He fought back against what he calls fake news CNN” by using an even more fake wrestling depiction.    (sigh)   Too much attention is always paid to things that don’t deserve attention.

Wake Up Song of the Day:   Santana “Evil Ways”  (Carlos Santana is 70)

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