WSGW Morning Team Show:   September 30, 2021  (Thursday)

It’s the WSGW Thursday Morning Team Show with Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU:




New Rocket Grab Plus Launch for YOU…..











Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU:     Another story of a product shortage, in this case, a product that helps produces many other products (runs 5:54)…..











Pat’s Perfect Pigskin Prognostications (runs 6:03)…..









Charlie and Dave and Pat and Art and YOU:     Macy’s files a lawsuit to try and stop an online behemoth and have you eaten a spaghetti sandwich? (runs 4:09)











Charlie and Dave and Pat and Art and YOU:     A legendary musician will appear in a Christmas special this season (runs 3:37)…..








Is it Art or is it Theft…   You Decide!

Danish artist pockets museum's cash, declares it conceptual art








Most Stupid Sports Injury of 2021?!?!

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - SEPTEMBER 26: Devin Williams #38 of the Milwaukee Brewers celebrates winning the Central Division title after the game against the New York Mets at American Family Field on September 26, 2021 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Brewers defeated the Mets 8-4. (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images)

(Fisher/Getty Images)









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Wake Up Song of the Day:     Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen “Hot Rod Lincoln“.   George Frayne, Commander Cody, passed away September 26.   He was diagnosed with cancer several years ago.


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