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Yes, it is Thursday, and the Lions are in full prep mode for the game on Sunday at Minnesota, and yet we still can’t let go of the loss to Atlanta this past Sunday.  It’s not just us by the way, as this story is pointed out by Michael David Smith of ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports.   Charlie and Dave talk about it (runs 2:46):

The NFL Senior V.P. of Officiating Al Riveron, speaking on the NFL Network, has stated the NFL did make the correct ruling at the end of the game.   Okay, deep breath, and…   NO, THE RIGHT CALL WAS NOT MADE!   If the officially rule Golden Tate down in the first place, the replay would not have come into play in the second place, which is what he was referring to as “the correct call”.

Although, as we talked about earlier this week, if the official ruled Tate down, it probably would have been reviewed to see if he scored, and the Lions might have faced a :10 runoff that way, too!


Here are Charlie and Dave and the regular Thursday morning Saginaw Spirit conversation with voice of Spirit Hockey on WSGW, Joey Battaino (runs 9:04):


Check out what happened to Tony Orlando.   You see how he’s already joking about it.   Charlie and Dave decided to see if his song change works (runs 1:40):

NEW YORK (AP)  – Tony Orlando has lost the tip of his middle finger because of what he calls “a stupid accident with my garage door” in Branson, Missouri.  Orlando tells The New York Daily News he tore the part from the tip to the nail bed and doctors cannot reattach it. Orlando is a longtime supporter of military veterans and he says compared to his military buddies, his injury is “a bee sting.” He jokes that he now has to sing his song “Knock Three Times” as “knock two-and-a-half times.”


(Charlie Rood)  I love the passion of people regarding the Star Spangled Banner and the NFL.   I’m on board saying the kneel downs are wrong.   I support protests, but not using the Star Spangled Banner as the vehicle to drive your voice.

And, as much as I might admire the passion in Baltimore where thousands of people have signed a petition to remove a Ray Lewis statue from the Baltimore Ravens’ stadium after Lewis knelt during the national anthem before a game with current Ravens players last Sunday, I have to ask, “this is what led you to want his statue removed?   What about that obstruction of justice in connection with the stabbing deaths of two men in 2000?   Shouldn’t that have been enough to get that statue removed?”

Charlie and Dave cover the story in this conversation (runs 2:14):


Here’s a story Charlie, Dave, and Art talked about dealing with Americans attitudes toward cooking (runs 4:38)


A new RocketGrab launch!   Save $$$ with three different packages for the entire family to enjoy fun at the Frankenmuth Aerial Park!


Are there any working pay phones left in the Great Lakes Bay Region area?

CLEVELAND (AP) – A sign of the times. When people carry phones in their pockets it’s little wonder why pay phones aren’t being used much anymore. Now Cleveland’s city council has approved spending $200,000 to scrap pay phones that have fallen into disuse across the city. reports the city has an estimated 1,700 outdoor pay phones, many of which don’t work. A city official says some are covered with so much vandalism it’s difficult to know who owns them. Two council members raised concerns that people without cellphones might still need the pay phones. One said the city should consider installing emergency call boxes so residents can still call 911.


Wake Up Song of the Day:   Frank Zappa “Valley Girl“.   Frank’s daughter, Moon Unit Zappa, who did the Valley Vocals in the song, is 50.

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