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If you can get cheap gas this morning, get it!   Prices already up to around $2.57 in many places.   I got it for $2.19 on Tittabawassee Road, but that was at 2:15am.   It pays, or in this case “saves”, to get up that early!   (Charlie Rood)

(Charlie Rood)   I made the sports comment of how the Tigers are hoping to avoid a 100 loss season.   I was asked how close are we?   Well, we have five games left in the season and 95 losses.   Even I can do that math!   One more win, please!
Speaking of the Tigers, yesterday Dave asked me if I had seen the video of the Cubs player diving into the stands for a ball and knocking over the nachos a fan was enjoying.   The Cubs player brought out fresh nachos to the fan and took a selfie.   It reminded me of when a Tigers player went for a ball near the stands and grabbed a nacho from a fan.   I first thought it was Miguel Cabrera, then I changed my mind and said Prince Fielder.   Confirmed!   It was Prince Fielder as you can see here from a game in 2013.
President Trump is set to announce his tax plan today with a corporate tax cut and a reduction of seven individual tax brackets to three.   An interesting piece of the plan includes raising the lowest bracket from 10% to 12%, but still achieving a tax cut, and it appears it will work.   That’s Washington math!   Charlie and Dave talk about:
You can also read more on the stories Charlie and Dave referenced in these links:
The WSGW OnLine and App Poll asks the question “What do you think about NFL players form of protest during the Star Spangled Banner?
Leading into the poll, Charlie and Dave talked about the latest items related to this topic (see notes below of what was discussed):
  • Newsweek has a story headlined “Trump Impeachment Vote Could Happen Next Week in Response to President’s NFL Protest Comments”.   No, that will not happen.   Not even close.   In the story, there is this line, “the likelihood of his actual ouster is slim”.   No, it’s not slim, it’s none.
  • Carolina Panthers players met with their owner to express frustration over not being able to express their views on social issues while playing for the Panthers for fear of potential repercussions.   Welcome to the real world!
  • The Green Bay Packers will play on Thursday night.   Players, Coaches, and Staff will lock arms during the national anthem.   The team is asking fans to do the same.   We’ll see how that turns out.
  • If understood correctly, the New York Giants owners and coach and players locked arms this past Sunday, with some of the Giants players taking a knee, and the owners issuing this statement:   “Comments like we heard last night from the president are inappropriate, offensive and divisive.   We are proud of our players, the vast majority of whom use their NFL platform to make a positive difference in our society.”   Mara has now announced he’s upset with receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. and his end zone celebration during the game where he mimicked a dog urinating.   Yes, you can kneel down during the Star Spangled Banner but you can’t urinate like a dog during the game!
What about free speech here?   Although, this does involve a high school, and school officials are in control, much like a “business”, I think (Charlie Rood).   I think it’s funny the references to “insensitive, intimidating, and offensive”.   You have got to be kidding.   And, “move forward united against hatred”.   What hatred?   Your hatred of Trump?
WELLSBURG, W.Va. (AP) _ A West Virginia school superintendent has issued an apology after some said they were offended by a banner at a football game that read “Trump Perry.” Brooke County School Superintendent Toni Paesano Shute apologized to the community of Pittsburgh Perry High School for the “insensitive, intimidating, and offensive sign.” The banner was seen in the student section of Brooke High School at last Friday night’s game. Shute said the district would use the incident to teach students values like respect and dignity. Shute asked for forgiveness from all who were offended, saying she hoped that the school communities could move forward united against hatred.
We have a WSGW News Story about The “River of Time” in Bay City is getting national attention because of a picture posted including a nazi flag.   (Charlie Rood)   I saw a comment related to this story with somebody saying “there are some parts of history that we can overlook for this event” and “it’s time to move on from the hatred and bigotry and move on”.   Hmmm.   Can we really overlook history?   In some ways, is that not just as dangerous as the nazi flag.   You don’t want to glorify, celebrate, or honor that history, but recognize it, learn from it, and make sure it never repeats.   Just like the conversation of Civil War monuments.
The Velcro Companies have released a video featuring actors portraying trademark attorneys pleading with the public to “Don’t Say Velcro”.   The company says it wants to protect its trademark.   (Charlie Rood)   I get that, but I’m thinking, if I have a product that has achieved the status where everyone uses the name, haven’t you reached some kind of immortality?   Such as Kleenex, or Xerox, or Band-Aid?
Click to read more of the story and see the “Don’t Say Velcro” video.
(Charlie Rood)   Did you hear?   Twitter is testing the doubling of the allowable characters from 140 to 280.   I say NO!   If anything, Twitter should cut in half the allowable characters from 140 to 70.   That might stop some people from saying more than that should in a tweet.   It might even stop some people from tweeting at all (that would be a good thing).   In fact, not only cut in half the characters, but cut in half the name to Twit.   After all, many people that tweet make themselves look like twits with their comments.   Of course, I’m sure there are many people that wish I would cut my broadcasts in half!

NEW YORK (AP) – So will Twitter users end up needing to know the abbreviation “TLDR?” More people may soon find out whether “too long, didn’t read” might start applying to tweets. Twitter is considering doubling the current length restriction on comments sent over the site. Instead of the current 140-character limit, Twitter is testing a system that will let users use a 280-character limit. For now, longer tweets are being used among a small group of test users. Twitter acknowledges the “emotional attachment” some might have to the 140-character limit. But it said the new limit, while it is double the size of the original, is “still brief.”


Wake Up Song of the Day:   The Regents “Barbara Ann“.   Lead Singer Guy Villari passed away last Friday at age 75.   The Regents did this song originally and hit #13 on the charts before the Beach Boys covered it a couple of years later and made it an even bigger hit.   The Regents have that sound of the Beach Boys in this song.   Perhaps more appropriately we should say, the Beach Boys have that sound of The Regents!

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