WSGW Morning Team Show: September 26, 2017

This Tuesday is the last day for the heat wave, and Charlie and Dave continue to keep You cool on the WSGW Morning Team Show…..
One more thing about the Lions loss to Atlanta on Sunday.   Well, actually two.   You can hear Charlie and Dave talk about the two things referenced in the notes below:
First, a listener had this thought from the conversations we had yesterday about the Lions getting screwed by the correct call via replay.   Our analysis was, if the correct was made in the first place, meaning Golden Tate was down at the half-yard line, the Lions could have run another play.   The listener says the official blew the original call.   Yes, the correct call was made, but only because of instant replay.   But, even if the official made the correct call  originally, it’s likely there would have been a review to see if he actually scored.   The only question if that happened is, would a clock runoff still happened since it was a review for the offense and not the defense, or does the NFL differentiate?   We would still have been screwed either way!
Secondly, the Detroit Free Press is still looking at the clock, suggesting even with a :10 runoff, there should have been :01 left to play!
(Charlie Rood)   The Star Spangled Banner/NFL issue continues to get attention and we give it some more on the WSGW Morning Team Show.   Hear Charlie and Dave talk about some observations Charlie has from the last 24 hours and noted below:
  • You want unity, I’ve got unity!   Reverend Jesse Jackson in Detroit on Monday was not just condemning President Trump, but also the treatment of Colin Kaepernick.   Reverend Jackson believes Kaepernick’s rights to free speech and gainful employment have been violated.   Reverend Jackson plans to organize a massive boycotts, including challenging people not to attend games or watch on television.   Isn’t that pretty much what President Trump was suggesting?   See?   Unity!
  • As much as NFL players talk about “first amendment” rights, fans don’t have those rights at the stadium.   If you hold a sign that’s considered inappropriate, say certain things considered inappropriate, or do anything inappropriate, you could be removed.
  • One time TV host, Montel Williams, says “having attended a great deal of Sunday School growing up, we did a lot of kneeling – when we prayed, when we took communion – we did so out of respect.   I fail to understand why kneeling is a sign of respect sufficient for God and yet so disrespectful during the playing of a song.”   C’mon, Montel.   It’s not just a song.   Why do you kneel for God?   Because it was decided a long time ago and you still do it today.   It was decided a long time ago we stand for the national anthem and remove caps and you still do it today.   Well, most people do.
  • There was a comment of this being a “Rosa Parks moment”.   Sorry, the struggle Rosa Parks went through where her sitting down was a stand up history changing event, doesn’t compare with this.
  • Singer Jordin Sparks has really gone over the line.   She sang the national anthem before the Monday Night Football game.   On her hand she had written –  PROV 31:8-9.   Jordin, Jordin, Jordin, you can’t bring the Bible into the conversation.   That might even be worse than the originally conversation!
  • Pistons Coach Stan Van Gundy says he’s adamant about the right for anyone to express their views whether he agrees with them or not.   He says he and the Pistons front office will continue to encourage players to speak about whatever issue they want.   Really?   I’m guessing the Pistons have a code of conduct, and there are issues and words and representations a player could make that the Pistons would not want associated with the franchise.
  • Basketball superstar LeBron James says, “He doesn’t understand how many kids, no matter the race, look up to the president of the United States for guidance, for leadership, for words of encouragement.   He doesn’t understand that, and that’s what makes me more sick than anything.”   Excuse me while I get sick.   You don’t think he understands that?   Perhaps he does, and wants to ensure kids understand he supports respecting the flag.   What are you showing kids, LeBron?   You are showing kids what you think, including calling the president “u bum”.


Perhaps you’ve heard the United States has declared war on North Korea.   You didn’t hear that?   North Korea did and now says they have the right to fire at U.S. targets.

It’s laughable, to be sure, and the ramped up rhetoric continues to spew from North Korea.   Let’s just hope the rhetoric never becomes reality.


Technology may be taking away another “manly” tradition.

NEW YORK (AP) – Ever head off to the local home improvement store with a tape measure stuffed in a pocket or a set of numbers scrawled on a piece of paper?   That experience is likely to end, thanks to augmented reality. Lowe’s says it will launch an app next month that could replace the tape measure with a smartphone. The app will let you measure walls, sofas or other object with an iPhone using its camera to measure in a room. The app will also let users see how furniture or another item will look like in your home or office. Other retailers are hopping on the augmented reality bandwagon. For example, online furniture seller Wayfair has an app that lets shoppers see how the company’s wares will look in a room, using an iPad or iPhone.


No disrespect to the actors on strike, but who knew you were on strike?   And for nearly a year!

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Video-game voice actors have agreed to end a nearly yearlong strike against several major gaming publishers. The actors union SAG-AFTRA and a representative for the publishers say they have a tentative agreement. It calls for actors who work multiple sessions on games to receive additional payments and contains a requirement that companies disclose to actors what game they will
be working on. The companies are responsible for several major gaming properties, including the Call of Duty franchise, games based on Batman and other DC Comics properties, and games in the Star Wars and Need for Speed franchises.

Wake Up Song of the Day:   David Frizzell “I’m Gonna Hire a Wino to Decorate Our Home“.   He’s 76.

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