WSGW Morning Team Show: September 22, 2017

 It’s Friday, the first day of Autumn (officially arriving at 4:02pm), on your Morning Team Show with Charlie and Dave and You…
(Charlie Rood)   After the 6:30 news, I had “story time”.   My story of why I’m proud of the Saginaw Township Youth Football Hawks.   You can read it or hear Dave and me talk about it:
Every Friday morning after the 7:30 news during the SVSU Football season, Charlie and Dave talk  Cardinals football with the Voice of the Cardinals, J.J. Boehm:
Yoko Ono, wife of John Lennon, is not happy with what is described as an “implied” endorsement.  It seems more than implied, it’s blatant.
LONDON (AP) _ Yoko Ono’s lawyers have quashed a Polish lemonade company’s attempt to sell a fizzy product called John Lemon. The Guardian newspaper reports the Mr. Lemonade Alternative Drinks company has agreed to rebrand it as On Lemon. It’s sold throughout Europe. The legal action referenced a Facebook posting with the brand’s logo that showed John Lennon holding lemons, and other
advertising that showed a picture of round glasses and the words “Let It Be.” A company lawyer says his client agreed to change the name rather than have the product banned.
We don’t want the natural stuff, we want artificial!
(AP)    Silly rabbit – people seem to like artificial colors and flavors in some of their breakfast cereals. The company that makes Trix had tried to scale back on the artificial colors that helped create the bright
colors in the cereal, substituting natural colors for them. It will now go back to using them. General Mills says the classic version of Trix will be back on store shelves next month. But it says it will also keep selling the version without artificial colors and flavors.
Wake Up Song of the Day:   Bobbi Gentry “Ode to Billie Joe“.   It’s the Friday Flashback Song!   We “Flash Back” in 10-20-30-40-50 year increments to find Number One Songs at this time that are still remembered today, along with the artists and groups that perform.   Or, Number One Songs that are long forgotten, along with the artists and groups that perform.   On this date, Bobbi Gentry was Number One for 4 weeks, 50 years ago in 1967.

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