WSGW Morning Team Show: September 21, 2017

This last day of Summer (even though the weather is more like middle summer) on the WSGW Morning Team Show with Charlie and Dave and You…

AccuWeather Temps over the next several days:   Today near 90 (record 94 in 1908), Tomorrow 91 (record 90 in 1908), Saturday 90 (record 92 in 1937).   In our early 5:40am weather conversation, we asked Meteorologist Heather Zehr what’s causing this:


Saginaw Spirit Hockey is back on FM Talk and Sports WSGW 100.5 FM!   Tonight, Game One of the 2017-18 season.   Follow Spirit hockey all season long with Joey Battaino and Dennis Desrosier on WSGW 100.5 FM, also online and the FM app.

Every Thursday morning after the 7:30 news, Joey Battaino joins Charlie and Dave on the WSGW Morning Team Show to talk Spirit hockey:


(Charlie Rood) Cue up the Godfather theme. It sounds like “media extortion” to me. Check out this story as written by Bill Baer of NBC Sports posted by Yahoo Sports. I follow with comments below. What do you think?

The paint company Sherwin Williams created a neat promotion at Angel Stadium. There’s a giant paint can with the brand name in left-center field. If a player hits a ball into the can, Sherwin Williams will donate $1 million to the Angels Baseball Foundation, the Angels’ charity for kids.

Angels outfielder Justin Upton appeared to trigger that charitable contribution when he hit a solo home run to left-center field against Indians closer Cody Allen on Tuesday night. The ball bounced in front of the can and then went in on a hop.

ESPN reports that Sherwin Williams is using a technicality to try and get out of the obligation. Because Upton’s home run didn’t land in the can on the fly, Sherwin Williams is saying they’re not obliged to make the $1 million donation. In 2014, Frazee Paint and the Angels agreed to the paint can promotion and indeed the press release says, “…if an Angels player hits a home run that lands in the can on the fly, the company will make a $1 million donation to benefit the Foundation’s efforts to improve the lives of children in the community.” Frazee Paint is now owned by Sherwin Williams.

According to Forbes, Sherwin Williams is worth $29.2 billion, ranking at 724 on the Global 2000. One would imagine ponying up the relatively minuscule sum of $1 million would be worth it rather than taking the P.R. hit from the dozens of articles that have been and will continue to be written about the company’s pedantry over a charitable donation to needy children.

Hey, I’m all for companies making good on promises to donate to charity, but in this case, there is no promise to make good.

The story suggests Sherwin Williams is “using a technicality” to get out of the obligation. What “technicality”? The ball is supposed to land on the fly. It bounced. That’s fact, not technicality. And what’s with the investigation into the value of Sherwin Williams? Only to suggest the “minuscule sum of $1 million” (hardly how I would describe a million dollars) would be better to pay than taking the P.R. hit, such as Bill Baer is doing. What, is he channeling Marlon Brando, “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse”.

Now, if I were Sherwin Williams, I would offer to make a donation since the ball did go in the can. Not because “media” told me to, but because it would be a good example of the company wanting to help kids, even if the actual promotion obligation was not met. How about $100,000?

What to you think?


Taylor Swift is being sued by two songwriters who say her hit song “Shake it Off” is theirs not hers.   It’s suggested the song “Playas Gon’ Play” uses the lyric “playas, they gonna play and haters, they gonna hate”, and so on and so forth.   You be the judge.

You can hear Charlie, Dave, and Art talk about it and hear the comparison of songs:


(Charlie Rood)   I saw this in the Detroit News online…   For only $85 (me – “only $85”) Red Wings fans can own a piece of the “ice” from Joe Louis Arena.    Tell you what, for only $50, you can get a vial from me, okay?   And I’ll donate 10% to the foundation.

The Detroit Red Wings Foundation is selling “limited-edition” vials of melted ice taken from surface at Joe Louis Arena, commemorating the longtime home of the Red Wings as they move into the sparkling new Little Caesars Arena for the 2017-18 season.

The cost for the vial? $85, but it includes the “official Farewell Season at The Joe” vial, as well as a shadowbox framed photo of The Joe.

Proceeds benefit the foundation’s “mission to grow the sport of hockey.”


WSGW provides “TimeSaver Traffic” reports mornings and afternoons, plus at anytime during the day a traffic situation may cause road closures or travel delays.   Thankfully, we don’t have a report such as this one involving an 80-mile detour.   80 miles!   That’s not a detour, that’s a road trip!

NEW CASTLE, Pa. (AP) — Pennsylvania Turnpike officials are warning motorists of an 80-mile detour they’ll encounter in western Pennsylvania over the weekend.   The detour will run from 9 p.m. Friday and 4 a.m. Monday as crews close the toll road between the New Castle and Cranberry interchanges.

That’s being done so crews can demolish and replace a bridge in New Sewickley.   New construction techniques are being used to replace the bridge quickly.   But the closure also means motorists who try to use that stretch of turnpike will be detoured onto Interstates 376, 80 and 79 to get around it.   Motorists are urged to avoid that stretch of turnpike this weekend, but especially during peak travel hours, because major delays are expected.


Who knew there was a law for reward payments?   If you are in Germany and you are going to lose an item, better to do so on public transit than anywhere else!

BERLIN (AP) _ German police say a 16-year-old refugee from Iraq is in line for a reward after she turned in a lost handbag with 14,000 euros in it. That’s equivalent to nearly 17 thousand U.S. dollars. The dpa news agency reports that the girl, who lives in a refugee home in Berlin, found the handbag on a city subway and gave it to her mother, who gave it to police. Police said Tuesday that a 78-year-old woman had accidentally left the bag behind on the train. German law requires a reward representing 3 percent of the value for expensive items found and returned. Items found on public transit system are eligible for a smaller reward of 1.5 percent.


Wake Up Song of the Day:   The Beach Boys “Fun, Fun, Fun“.   On the last day of Summer we thought we would have fun with The Beach Boys.   Also, the hot weather is perfect for Beach Boys music.

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