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Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU:     We have audio of a man who offers a totally unexpected response when asked by a reporter what he would do with the money if he won the lottery, and we have audio of the Yankees radio announcer making a big oops on the broadcast during the playoff game against Boston Tuesday night (runs

Click for Link to See and Hear John Sterling’s “Oops”…   as part of the conversation above, we did not know Sterling was broadcasting the game using a TV monitor in New York, he was not at Fenway Park.







Charlie and Dave and Pat and Art and YOU:     The Five Michigan Residents on the Forbes Richest 400 list, and it’s good to be the retiring president of the University of Michigan getting a GENEROUS retirement package (runs 9:34)…..












Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU:     All is right in the world as it’s been announced Charlie Brown will be on regular TV (runs 2:46)…..








Real…  or Not

Reported tarantula stranded on California roof was old Halloween prop


















The PGA Tour has announced that the Farmers Insurance Open, to be played the last week of January, will have a Saturday finish.

With the NFL expanding its season, the NFC and AFC championship games will be played Jan. 30, forcing the PGA Tour’s hand.   Thus, the annual gathering on the South Course at Torrey Pines Golf Course in San Diego will be played Wednesday through Saturday, with the final two rounds being aired on CBS and both featuring an 8 p.m. ET finish.

“The teamwork, flexibility and creativity exhibited by the PGA Tour and Farmers Insurance to adapt the schedule for a Saturday finish was outstanding,” Dan Weinberg, executive vice president for programming at CBS Sports, said in a press release. CBS will air the AFC championship that weekend.










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