WSGW Morning Team Show: October 3, 2017

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(Charlie Rood) Tonight, I have the honor of being the emcee at the Bay County Right to Life dinner at the Lumber Barons in Bay City. Lisa Gigliotti is the special guest speaker.

With that in mind, I find myself questioning myself, on whether or not to make comments that would end up comparing abortion to the shooting attack by an apparent individual terrorist. Is it proper to make these parallel comments or not? Well, I’ll make ’em, and you can listen and determine whether you think they are proper or not. Below are some references from the podcast segment (runs 8:15)

  • Supporters of gun control are speaking out. Opponents say this isn’t the time to talk the politics of gun control. Supporters say in the aftermath of the largest mass killing, now is exactly the right time. Is now the right time to talk about abortion? I say everyday, abortion is a mass killing, and now is exactly the right time.
  • It’s said October 1 is a date we will remember for the Las Vegas death and destruction. I say January 22 is a date we already remember for death and destruction (abortion legalized in 1973).
  • The question is asked why this person of evil committed the attack in Las Vegas? I say we know why abortion takes the lives of babies everyday. The choices include simply for birth control, or because a baby is an inconvenience, or can’t be afforded.
  • Late-night comic Jimmy Kimmel said, “I don’t know why our so-called leaders continue to allow this to happen. Or maybe a better question – why do we continue to let them to allow it to happen?” Of course, the “this” Kimmel refers to is the gun massacre. I say, make the “this” a reference to abortion, and Kimmel’s assessment still works.


The Detroit Free Press has an online story about tomorrow, Wednesday, October 4, being “count day” in Michigan schools. The state per-pupil funding grant is determined by students attending school this day. It’s a day each year that confounds Charlie and Dave, as you can hear in this podcast (runs 6:08)


Great story about Miguel Cabrera helping out some youth baseball players in Venezuela.


We thought this online headline – GM plans 20-plus new electric vehicles; Ford to detail ambitious “Team Edison” plans – was interesting and the story in the Detroit Free Press seems to indicate the future is now.


The NFL says it allows NFL “free speech and expression” (related to the Star Spangled Banner and protests), but don’t try it during the game!   New York Giants Wide Receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. has been fined $12,000 by the NFL for mimicking a dog urinating after he scored a TD.

(Charlie Rood)   I wonder what would have happened if he mimicked a dog urinating on an American Flag during the Star Spangled Banner instead of taking a knee?


This is an interesting lawsuit over shadows…

BOSTON (AP) – A historic Boston church is asking a developer to pay $19 million to compensate for shadows cast by a proposed tower. The Boston Globe reports that Old South Church claims the proposed Back Bay Station project will cast shadows on the 142-year-old church that will cause moisture damage and darken stained glass windows. Church officials say $4 million of the payment will go toward repairs of the church, while the remainder will fund an affordable home program. Project developer Boston Properties says the request is unreasonable. The company says it’s unlikely the projected shadows would cause significant
damage to the church. Boston Properties plans to build three office and apartment towers on top of the train depot.


How would you like to find this in your neighborhood…

LEBANON, Ohio (AP) – Residents of a quiet town in south-west Ohio swear they
are not seeing things when they tell people monkeys are on the loose in their
neighborhood. WLWT-TV reports residents in Lebanon, a city about 30 miles
north-east of Cincinnati, have used their phones to capture photos of the
monkeys hanging out in trees. Lebanon police say they are aware of the reported
monkey sightings and are investigating. Residents suspect the monkeys were pets
at some point. Residents say the monkeys have not been spotted since being
photographed several weeks ago but can still be heard.


Wake Up Song of the Day: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers “Don’t Do Me Like That“. Tom died yesterday at age 66. What song do we use? This is his first big hit, charting #10 in 1979.

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