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We present the weekly edition of “Follow the Lions All Season Long to the Super Bowl”!   This is something Your Morning Team has been doing for many, many years, believing that one year, we will follow the Lions, from start to finish, and have our final weekly edition a Super Bowl celebration  (runs 9:51)…..








Charlie and Denyse and Pat and YOU:     One Hit Wonder Monday fun (related to Wake Up Song below) as we discover some fascinating attachments to this talented musical genius  (runs 5:00)…..








Charlie and Denyse and Pat and YOU:     Pat doesn’t hit deer because the deer hit Pat  (runs 5:04)…..








Charlie and Denyse and Pat and YOU:     Daylight Saving Time is soon and whatever happened to that legislation to make one standard time without any changes  (runs 3:07)…..







Charlie and Denyse and Pat and YOU:     A connection to Motown has died  (runs 3:08)…..









Charlie and Denyse and Pat and YOU:     You be the judge…   is this a mountain lion or a cat?!?!   (runs 2:40)…..









(UPI) — Workers at a car dealership in Florida examined a car that was dropped off for service and made a surprising discovery — a coyote wedged in the front grille.

The St. Francis Wildlife Association in Quincy said in a Facebook post that a rescuer was dispatched to the Toyota dealership in Tallahassee when garage workers preparing to service a car that had been dropped off discovered a live coyote embedded in the grille.

Dealership technicians removed the front of the vehicle to allow the rescuer to safely extract the animal.

“Always check your vehicle after a strike with a wild animal when safe to do so! Not only is it important to check if the animal is still alive so we can assist right away; it also is important to check your car to see if it’s still safe to be driven,” the post said.

The rescue group said in a follow-up post that the coyote underwent surgery for a leg injury and is expected to make a full recovery.

Here is the Facebook Post for the St. Francis Wildlife Association……

This morning, St Francis Wildlife received a call about an adult coyote that was not only hit by a car, but still stuck inside the grill of the car! This car was dropped off at a dealership this morning and employees discovered the coyote was still alive and stuck inside the grill. Luckily, St Francis Wildlife immediately sprang into action and sent a rescuer to the scene. The helpful folks at Peter Boulware Toyota quickly assisted by removing the front of the car for easier access. Once the front of the car was removed, our rescuer scooped the poor coyote up and gently placed her into a crate, then immediately transported her to Allied Veterinary Hospital for stabilization, medication, and XRAYs.
The coyote was immediately sedated and given pain medication. XRAYs showed a clean fracture to the coyote’s front right radius and ulna. Thankfully, it was a clean break to the middle of both bones. This means these fractures can be repaired by a veterinary orthopedic surgeon. After making several frantic phone calls to veterinary offices in the area, Capital Area Veterinary Specialists agreed to take the coyote in for emergency repair surgery tomorrow morning! She is currently stable and resting comfortably with the leg in a splint to prevent further damage until surgery tomorrow.
We post this as a reminder to always CHECK YOUR VEHICLE after a strike with a wild animal when safe to do so! Not only is it important to check if the animal is still alive so we can assist right away; it also is important to check your car to see if it’s still safe to be driven. This poor coyote was actually hit last night and spent the night in the grill of this car for several hours because the finder assumed the coyote was dead. We understand it can be terrifying and traumatic to check on an animal after it is struck—but please call our rescue team right away so we can meet you at the scene to do an assessment. We are happy to check for you, and we are available 24/7 to assist!
Thanks so much to the team at Allied Animal Hospital for assisting with stabilizing and XRAYs on such short notice this morning, and to Dr. Carl Jehn at Capital Veterinary Specialists for agreeing to take on such a special case also on such short notice first thing tomorrow morning! We cannot help these animals without our partners in the community offering a hand when we have need. We are so very grateful to everyone who helped saved this poor, terrified animal this morning. We will keep everyone posted on her progress!







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Wake Up Song of the Day:     Mason Williams “Classical Gas“.   It’s a “One Hit Wonder Monday” song!   For our purposes, defined as a singer or group known for only one song to chart on the U.S. Billboard Top 40.   Or, even if a second song is on the chart, it is overwhelmed and generally forgotten because of the success of the “One Hit Wonder”.   In 1968, Mason had his most well-known song which won three Grammy Awards.    He multi-talented as a composer, singer, writer, and a comedian.   He was the prime creative force on The Smothers Brothers Show.   That’s where Mason hired a writer named Steve Martin!



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