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Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU:      On the same day, the Lions and Pistons announce injuries, plus the Lions make a trade and the Red Wings waive a longtime player (runs 7:01)…..








God guided or just a coincidence, you decide…..

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – The message printed on a runner’s bib during a recent Minneapolis race turned out to be prophetic.

Instead of wearing his name, 25-year-old Tyler Moon opted to have “Jesus Saves“ printed on his running bib for the Medtronic TC 10 Mile earlier this month.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press says that when Moon reached the eighth mile his heart began beating irregularly and he collapsed.   His heart was not pumping blood.   Behind him in the race was a Lakeville registered nurse anesthetist, Jesus “Jesse“ Bueno.   His first name is spelled like Jesus.

He dropped down beside Moon and he and a running colleague began CPR until paramedics arrived.

Moon says he wanted a Christian message on his bib, which he says turned out to be “pretty fitting“ considering what transpired.






No more stethoscopes?!?!

CHICAGO (AP) – The most iconic medical tool is facing an uncertain prognosis.   Stethoscopes have been around for 200 years, but now high-tech rivals are challenging their relevance.

These include hand-held devices that rely on ultrasound technology, artificial intelligence and smartphone apps instead of doctors’ ears.   Some can yield images of beating hearts or create electrocardiogram graphs.

Proponents say they’re nearly as simple to use as stethoscopes, though thousands of dollars more expensive.

U.S. medical schools typically present incoming students with a white coat and stethoscope, but many are also teaching the newer technology.   At Indiana University School of Medicine, one of the nation’s largest, Dr. Paul Wallach is a fan of both.   He says within 10 years, doctors will have ultrasound devices in their pockets and stethoscopes still around their necks.






The latest TV Ratings show Football continues to be King:


NEW YORK (AP) – Here are the top ten prime-time programs by viewership compiled by Nielsen for Oct. 14-20, by ranking and viewership.
1.   NFL Football:  Philadelphia at Dallas, NBC, 21.45 million.
2.   NFL Pregame Show, NBC, 16.28 million.
3.   NFL Football:  Kansas City at Denver, Fox, 14.02 million.
4.   NFL Football:  Detroit at Green Bay, ESPN, 14 million.
5.  NFL Postgame Show, Fox, 11.97 million.
6.  NCIS, CBS, 10.88 million.
7.  Football Night in America, NBC, 10.36 million.
8.  Chicago Med, NBC, 8.94 million.
9.  FBI, CBS, 8.76 million.
10.  Chicago PD, NBC, 8.63 million.








Congratulations to All our Factory of the Dead Ticket Winner!

Saginaw MI #1 Haunted Attraction Factory of the Dead







If “Factory of the Dead” doesn’t do it for you,

how about this haunted house in Tennessee said to be the scariest in the world,

where no one has ever finished, despite a prize of $20,000 if you do!

















Wake Up Song of the Day:    Weird Al Yankovic “White and Nerdy“.   Al is 60.


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