WSGW Morning Team Show: October 23, 2017

This Monday morning of the final full week of October on the WSGW Morning Team Show with Charlie and Dave and YOU…..

FLOOD WATCH posted by the National Weather Service until about Tuesday at Noon.   This is specifically for Bay and Midland Counties, plus all the state to the north, west and south west.   Saginaw County into the Thumb and southeast to Metro Detroit not in the flood watch at this time.

For Bay and Midland Counties, total rain possible of 1-3 inches.   For the rest of the state, in some areas, maybe 5 inches of rain.


The WSGW and Bay Landscaping and Garden Center in Essexville “Fall Color Contest” continues online.   Voting is now underway!!!   Deadline to enter is October 31…


Time magazine has posted what it calls the “15 Most Influential Web Sites of All Time“.    Charlie and Dave reviewed the list.   Can you guess some of the sites Time listed?   How many do you visit?


Red Wings Coach Jeff Blashill was not happy after the Sunday loss to Vancouver:

“It was a brutal effort.   I thought it was an embarrassing effort, not even close to the level of competitiveness you have to have.   We should be embarrassed of ourselves, from me at the top all the way down.   We got outcompeted, outworked, outdetailed.”


After all these years, now you’re telling us, Charlie?!?!

 LOS ANGELES (AP) – Charlie Daniels says he’s been dealing with bureaucratic flubs since the first day of his life. Daniels tells Billboard magazine his name is supposed to be Charlie Daniel. He says when he was born in 1936, everything was written longhand in pen and an “S” was added to his name. He says he’s the only person in his family with an “S” at the end of his name. Daniels tells his life story in his new book, “Never Look At The Empty Seats,” out tomorrow.


Another comedian who wants to be part of the political process and not just laugh at it…

BOSTON (AP) – Though Jimmy Tingle has long made biting political humor a staple of his stand-up routines, he insists his dive into Massachusetts politics is anything but comic relief. He’s running as a Democrat for lieutenant governor, a job with little visibility and few official responsibilities. Tingle said recently to The Associated Press that while some people might think he’s joking, he’s serious about getting involved in government. He earned a degree in 2010 from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. He’s not the first to go from seeking laughs to seeking votes – Democrat Al Franken navigated from
“Saturday Night Live” to the U.S. Senate. Former White House science adviser Quentin Palfrey is the only other announced candidate for lieutenant governor.


Wake Up Song of the Day:   The Dixie Hummingbirds “Loves Me Like a Rock“.   Guitarist Harold Carroll died at age 92.   The Dixie Hummingbirds were a gospel group that did backing vocals on this song originally written and recorded by Paul Simon.   The group enjoyed the experience so much they recorded their own version of the song a year later.


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